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Although a foreigner moving to Poland or to any other European country can handle the process on his or her own, more often than not, various barriers will interfere with the procedure of obtaining the immigration papers one is interested in. This can refer to language barriers, not clearly understanding the legal requirements, not following the order of the steps imposed by the local authorities, not submitting all the paperwork and other similar matters.

All these issues can delay the process and can lead to a high level of frustration and this why any person, be it a natural person interested in moving to Poland or a businessman who wants to invest here under a business visa, should address to the services of specialized lawyers, who can represent the specific case in which the person is involved. In this case, you can easily rely on our team of immigration lawyers in Poland.

Meet below our expert in immigration matters in Poland!

Maciej Oniszczuk immigration poland

Maciej Oniszczuk is the Managing Partner of our company. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław. He is a member of supervisory boards in numerous joint-stock companies. He manages an exprienced team of immigration lawyers who can help you move to Poland and obtain lawful residence in this country.

Our lawyers have an extensive experience in this field of activity and they have helped, over the years, numerous foreigners in various immigration matters related to relocation to Poland. You can rely on our team on the process of obtaining a visa – in the case of foreigners who need to have this document when entering the Polish territory or applying for residence permits (issued for a temporary or a permanent basis).

Our immigration lawyers in Poland can assist expats with step-to-step advice on the documents that they have to prepare when applying for any of the immigration papers available here and can represent foreigners applying for a work permit in this country. We also welcome those interested in family reunification programs to address to our team. Our lawyers can also advise on the naturalization process a foreigner can be entitled to, once specific steps are completed.

Foreign investors can also be represented by our team and those planning to start a business in this country and moving to Poland can request information on the immigration procedures that will apply to them. Our team can easily present the legislation in the field and ease the process of relocating to this country.

How can we represent you in immigration matters in Poland?

The immigration legislation in Poland covers numerous legal matters that arise in the relation with a foreigner who wants to relocate here, purchase a property in this country or request asylum on various legal grounds. Aspects referring to Poland migration take into account short-term stays, as well as long-term stays that can allow foreigners to request the Polish citizenship (which can be obtained only in specific situations). Our team of immigration lawyers in Poland can represent you in the following legal matters:

• apply for a temporary or a permanent residence permit, documents which provide the right of living here as a foreigner;
• apply for a work permit or for the Polish citizenship (a process completed through naturalization);
• help foreigners in starting a business in Poland, by assisting in all the formalities regarding the incorporation of a legal entity;
• assist foreigners in purchasing properties in this country (helping in the notarial proceedings, advising on the provisions included in the sale-purchase contract, carrying out the due diligence procedures and others).

Our team is ready to help individuals and their families, employers interested in starting an employment contract with a foreigner, as well as businessmen.

What nationalities are most interested in Poland immigration?

As a general rule, most of the persons moving to Poland are citizens from the European region, but citizens of farther regions, such as Vietnam or the United States of America (USA) can also be found here. According to the Regulation (EC) 862/2007 of the European Parliament, immigration is defined as a process in which a citizen who has his or her residency in a country wants to relocate to another country for a period of at least 12 months. Currently, the demographic structure of the immigrants living in Poland is given by the following:

• the highest rate of foreigners is represented by the citizens of Ukraine – in 2016, a total of 17,690 persons relocated to Poland, while in 2018, their number increased at 31,807;
• the second most important group of immigrants is from the United Kingdom (UK), with 5,018 persons arriving here in 2017 and 5,304 in 2018;
• German citizens are the 3rd most important group of immigrants – there were 3,842 immigrants in 2017 and 4,756 in 2018;
• Belarus accounted for 1,530 persons in 2017 and for 2,756 persons in 2018;
• Vietnam is the 5th most important group of immigrants, accounting for 945 persons in 2017 and for 1,977 in 2018.

Why address us for obtaining a work permit or a residence permit in Poland?

There are a number of reasons for which a foreigner should address a professional team of lawyers when applying for a residence permit or a work permit in this country. These are some of the most common documents used for moving to Poland. Considering that each type of document needs specific papers that the applicant must submit and given that various rules of law and procedures will apply, it is of high importance for the applicant to know all the legal requirements that he or she must expect.

For instance, one should apply for a temporary residence permit if his or her intent is to stay in this country for a period longer than 3 months. Granted that the person will have an employment obligation while living here, the person must also be the holder of a work permit, issued for the period for which the contract is available.

In the case of those moving to Poland for a long-term basis, other requirements will apply, and this is why we highly recommend you request legal advice on your current immigration situation from our team of lawyers. We can advise you on the list of documents you must submit, and we can explain the entire process and the steps that will lead to the issuance of the respective permit.

Foreign investors can also be represented by our team and those planning to start a business in this country and moving to Poland can request information on the immigration procedures that will apply to them. Our team can easily present the legislation in the field and ease the process of relocating to this country.