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Expat Services in Poland

Expat Services in Poland

Our immigration lawyer in Poland has the necessary expertise to provide expat services to foreigners relocating in any of the Polish regions for employment or for other associated matters. Our lawyer can assist with advice on the documents one needs to prepare upon his or her arrival in this country, as well as with in-depth information on the procedures that should be completed when applying for a specific immigration document.

Our lawyer is ready to offer extensive details on the civil law a foreigner should respect once he or she relocates here and can present all the rules addressed to foreigners, such as the steps for registering with the local authorities, registering for taxation when developing a taxable activity and other matters that can of interest for those moving to Poland for a definite or indefinite period of time.

Our expat services include tailored advice on how to obtain a residence permit in Poland.

What is an expat in Poland?

An expat, or an expatriate, designates a person who resides in a different country than in which the person was born. The term expat is generally a synonym of the term immigrant, but there are certain differences associated with the usage of it. In the large category of words related to migration, the word immigrant generally defines a person who is interested in moving to Poland or to another country with the purpose of residing in the new foreign country on a permanent basis.

On the other hand, the term expat defines a person that relocates to a foreign country for a definite period of time, and who does not have the intent of living in that country on a permanent basis. Moreover, the term expat shows that the respective foreigner is interested in going back to his or her home country after a certain period of time spent abroad.

It must be noted that the term expat is frequently associated with professionals moving to Poland, with skilled workers or with artists, but it can also include persons who relocated here as a decision of their employers (universities, corporations, non-governmental organizations). It also defines retirees choosing to relocate to a foreign country for a given period of time.

The residence permit can be obtained with the help of our specialists. If you are a British citizen looking to obtain Polish permanent residency after Brexit, contact us. First of all, you will need to consider applying for a visa if you have not lived in another EU country before. Then, you can move here and live for the established timeframe to become eligible for residence.

How can our immigration lawyer in Poland assist expats?

Given the fact that the term expat is generally associated with employment matters, our immigration lawyer in Poland is ready to assist foreigners with professional advice on all the types of employment permits foreigners can obtain here. Considering that foreigners applying for employment in this country will spend a longer period of time here, our lawyer can offer information on the residence permits prescribed by the national legislation.

Our lawyer can present the procedures foreigners must follow based on their nationality; foreigners can also benefit from professional assistance on how to apply for a visa in Poland. The most common type of visa that can be selected when arriving here for a longer period of time is the D-type visa, which grants the right of staying here for more than 90 days. However, this document is applicable only in the case of expats arriving from countries that are outside the European Union (EU).

WE can also offer our support to those who want to apply for Polish citizenship.

How can an expat obtain an EU Blue Card in Poland?

An EU Blue Card is a type of document that provides the possibility of working in any of the EU states to those who are highly skilled in their field of expertise and who have obtained a diploma in the said field. According to the European Commission (EC), the EU Blue Card applicant must have a real employment offer from an employer in the country of interest.

The person must also have applied for a residence permit or a visa document, depending on the nationality of the foreigner. Those interested in Poland migration, in this case, must be aware of the aspects presented below, referring to the minimum salary level, the issuance of the document, its costs and others:

• the costs for the issuance of the EU Blue Card is of EUR 111 for the initial issuance;
• the applicant must have an employment contract with a validity of at least 1 year;
• the Poland migration rules for EU Blue Cards stipulate that the document can have a validity of up to 2 years;
• the renewal of the EU Blue Card will cost EUR 119 and the replacement of a valid document will cost EUR 12;
• foreigners should know that the general duration of the issuance of the document is of 30 days.

Starting with 11th of February 2019, the Poland immigration law was modified for this type of document and now its holders benefit from a higher salary, which was increased by 7,3% and which represents 150% of the average national salary. Persons who want to receive more details on the types of expat services they can benefit from are invited to address our immigration lawyer in Poland. We will also guide you if you are seeking to obtain Polish citizenship.