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Immigrate to Poland from Russia

Immigrate to Poland from Russia

Poland has become a very attractive relocation destination in Central Europe thanks to the low living costs correlated to great living options. These attributes have attracted many foreigners, including Russian citizens. However, at the moment, those who want to immigrate to Poland from Russia are imposed certain restrictions because of the situation in Ukraine.

If you are planning to move to Poland from Russia in the near future, you can find out what to expect from this article. Feel free to ask for the support of our immigration lawyers in Poland in order to avoid difficulties.

Restrictions for Russian citizens who want to relocate to Poland

The Polish government has clarified its position on Russian citizens who are not part of the conflict at its borders, which is why these can move here through the usual means. However, there are certain restrictions imposed on various categories of Russian immigrants.

Here are the categories of Russian citizens accepted to immigrate to Poland:

  1. Russian family members of Polish and EU citizens;
  2. students who are enrolled with private or public universities in Poland can enter the country based on their sponsorship letters;
  3. Russian holders of Polish residence who can relocate here with their spouses;
  4. Russian professional cargo drivers;
  5. Russian citizens who participate in the Poland Business Harbor (PBH) scheme;
  6. medical personnel are still accepted in Poland.

If you find yourself in any of the categories presented above and you want to relocate to Poland from Russia, get in touch with our immigration law firm. We are at your service and will help you apply for the appropriate type of residence permit.

Temporary residency if you want to immigrate to Poland from Russia

Obtaining temporary residency is one of the most solicited ways to move to Poland from Russia, as it enables one to stay here for more than 3 months, time in which a decision on staying here longer can be made. If you want to apply for this type of residence permit, you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Poland. We can also help you apply for a permanent residence in Poland. The minimum living requirement in this case is one year, however, it can span to up to 10 years. This also applies if you choose to move through investment, which is very convenient for businesspersons looking for new countries to develop their activities.

If you also intend to work here, especially as a medical specialist, as this profession is in high demand, we can also help you apply for a work permit.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you are a refugee and want to relocate to Poland from Russia.

Should you be interested in Polish citizenship, contact us. We are at your disposal with tailored advice on how to obtain a passport for Poland with the minimum effort. However, it is important to note that this depends on whether you meet the conditions to become a Polish citizen.

How long does it take to obtain a visa for Poland?

Considering the uncertainty of the current conflict and the fact that Russian citizens need visas for Poland, here is what to expect:

  • consider having a passport with a validity of no less than 6 months;
  • visa processing times with the Polish authorities usually take around 5 days, however, for exceptional cases, the period can take up to 2 months;
  • in case of emergency, visas can also be issued within 3 working days.

So, if you want to immigrate to Poland from Russia and need a visa, get in contact with our lawyers for assistance.

Non-EU citizens living in Poland

According to the latest data, there are approximately 2 million foreigners living in Poland as of 2019, representing around 5% of the country’s population, according to this site. Out of these:

  • 37,030 are Russian citizens;
  • 105,404 come from neighboring Belarus;
  • 37,338 come from Moldova.

In 2019, Poland issued 35% more work permits for non-EU citizens compared to the previous year due to the high demand for specialists.

If you are a Russian citizen and want to immigrate to Poland from Russia, please contact us. We are at your service if you want to stay here for a shorter or longer timeframe. If you already live and want to apply for permanent residence, we can also support you with that.