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Immigrate to Poland from Ukraine

Immigrate to Poland from Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine has driven many of the country’s citizens to seek shelter in neighboring states, among which Poland. Since the beginning, the entire European Union has reacted by enabling support measures to help Ukrainian refugees. However, this does not mean that the other immigration options are not available for those who want to immigrate to Poland from Ukraine.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Poland explain the main pathways one has in terms of relocation from Ukraine.

Measures taken by the Polish government to support Ukrainian citizens

For those who want to move to Poland from Ukraine as refugees, the government has adhered to EU’s temporary protection measures, but has also enabled its own. One of the most important ones refers to helping business owners to relocate their activities and employees to Poland.

The simplified measures that enable persons to relocate to Poland from Ukraine imply among others for them to work and even create their own businesses, or better said, to start new lives here.

Here is a brief overview of Poland’s measures meant to support Ukrainian citizens:

  1. those entering the country will not be required their passports if they lack them;
  2. in certain cases, it is possible to enter Poland without a valid ID;
  3. the possibility to register with the Polish authorities has also been extended from 60 days to 90 days;
  4. guardians of children aged below 12 can register the respective children with the authorities without taking the kids with them;
  5. Ukrainian entrepreneurs can apply for residence permits without indicating proof of sufficient income or hiring local workforce until December 31st 2022;
  6. Ukrainians who entered Poland from Slovakia on or after February 24th under the Temporary Protection Directive will be covered by the Polish Special Law and will be notified about it within 15 days;
  7. those who have obtained humanitarian residence permits will be given extended permission to stay in Poland automatically until August 24th 2023.

Even with these measures in place, it is still possible to immigrate to Poland from Ukraine through the regular pathways.

Our immigration law firm in Poland is at your service, should you need advice on choosing the right type of residence permit.

We can also help you apply for permanent residency in Poland. Our immigration lawyers are at the service of citizens all over the world who want to move to Europe and decide on Poland. This is one of the emergent economies of the European Union which provides for many chances of succeeding in various sectors.

Polish citizenship is a matter our lawyers are asked about quite often. Poland has come a long way, turning it economy from an unpredictable to a stable one, thus attracting many foreigners. In most cases, Eastern European citizens choose the country for permanent relocation, however, many non-EU citizens also decide on it.

Family reunion for Ukrainian citizens

At the level of 2015, Poland’s census announced around 100,000 foreign citizens resided here. Since then, their number has increased. As a neighboring country and a member of the European Union, Poland has proved very appealing for Ukrainian citizens seeking to move, which is why family reunion can be a good option for those who want to move to Poland from Ukraine this way.

One needs to meet one of the following requirements to obtain a family reunification visa for Poland:

  • he or she must be the spouse or partner of a Polish citizen or resident;
  • he or she must be the child of a Polish citizen or resident;
  • he or she must be a refugee with Polish relatives.

Also, one of the simplest ways to relocate to Poland from Ukraine is through an EU residence permit. This implies for the Ukrainian citizens to have previously lived in another EU country.

If you decide to immigrate to Poland from Ukraine, you can rely on our lawyers in Warsaw.

How many Ukrainians have fled their country until now?

According to news, at least 12 million Ukrainians have left their home country since the end of February. In the EU, Poland is home to most of the refugees – 1,180,677, according to data available from June 12th, 2022. These have been recorded after applying for temporary residency in Poland.

If you want to immigrate to Poland from Ukraine, contact our law firm for support at once!