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Immigration Lawyer Poland

Immigration Lawyer Poland

An immigration lawyer in Poland can provide legal assistance on numerous situations that fall under the regulations of the immigration legislation available in this country. Most of the common legal situations that are met in the case of those moving to Poland are related to one of the following: the legalization of the foreigner’s residence in this country by applying for a temporary or a permanent residence permit, obtaining a work permit (most of the foreigners arrive here for employment purposes) or applying for the Polish citizenship.

Each of these situations is comprised of specific legal steps and various requirements can apply based on the nationality of the foreigners, as there is a legal difference on the manner in which the citizens of the European Union (EU) can relocate to Poland, compared to persons outside the EU. Below, you can find out the main ways our immigration lawyer in Poland can be of assistance.

What services can our immigration lawyer in Poland offer to foreigners?

Those moving to Poland can be divided, under the applicable law, in several categories, as follows: citizens of the EU (and their families), citizens outside the EU and citizens of the United Kingdom, who are now in the transition period, from a legal point of view, from citizens of the EU to non-EU citizens.

Besides these three basic categories of individuals, the immigration legislation in Poland recognizes the immigration assistance that can be provided to refugees, who are entitled to be legally represented by lawyers or representatives of charitable institutions. Some of the Poland migration services are the following:

• obtaining a work permit – there are several categories of work permits for different categories of employees;
• obtaining a residence permit – the document can be issued for a temporary basis or for a permanent basis;
• obtaining a visa – Poland migration legislation recognizes the A-type visa, the C-type visa and the D-type visa, as stipulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland;
• obtaining business permits – available for foreign businessmen who want to start a company in Poland;
obtaining Polish citizenship – this can be done through naturalization or through descent (in the case of foreigners who have Polish ancestors).

Our immigration lawyer in Poland can also represent international clients who are employed in multinational companies, who are to be relocated here for a given period of time for employment purposes in the subsidiary or the branch office of the parent company. British citizens can also rely on the expertise of our lawyer, who can present the main regulations that are applicable during the Withdrawal Agreement (available until the 31st of December 2020).

You can rely on us for complete information on how to obtain a residence permit in Poland.

Poland, a country that is a member of the European Union, offers numerous opportunities for people who are not Polish nationals to become Polish citizens. The process of becoming a Polish citizen relies on your particular circumstances, and specific requirements must be met. Our lawyers can offer all the necessary information about the acquisition of Polish citizenship.

How can foreigners apply for a visa in Poland?

The visa in Poland is an immigration document required for the citizens of specific countries. EU citizens moving to Poland do not need this document in order to live here. In most of the cases, citizens of the countries outside the EU will have to apply for a visa, but it must be noted that certain nationalities may arrive here for a limited period of time without this document.

Depending on the type of visa, various documents will be needed, but, in most of the cases, foreigners should be able to present the following: the passport, the signed visa application, the proof on the payment of the visa, a travel medical insurance with a value of at least EUR 30,000, as well as supporting documents with regards to the purpose of the stay in Poland and documents showing that the person will leave Poland at the moment when the visa will expire.

If you have lived enough here, you can become eligible for Polish citizenship.

The number of immigrants in Poland has been constantly increasing. In the last few years, the Polish employment market was characterized by a large number of Ukrainian citizens, but the number of foreigners studying here also expanded. In the last decade, the demand for work permits and residence permits increased, as follows:

• in 2010, Poland accounted for only 97,080 valid document papers granting the right of staying here to foreigners (visas are not included);
• in 2016, the number of such documents increased at 266,218;
• the number of work permits that were issued to foreigners in 2012 was of 39,144;
• in 2017, the number of work permits accounted for 235,626, out of which 192,547 were issued for Ukrainian citizens;
• in the academic year of 2010-2011, the country accounted for 21,474 foreign students;
• in the academic year of 2016-2017, there were 65,793 foreign students here.

As it can be seen from the list above, the Poland immigration trends expanded in numerous areas. Depending on the particular situation you are interested in, our immigration lawyer in Poland can represent your case. Please do not hesitate to request legal advice when moving and applying for a residence permit in Poland, as being represented by a local attorney can ease the relocation process.