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Immigration Lawyers in Warsaw 

Immigration Lawyers in Warsaw 

Our immigration lawyers in Warsaw provide a range of services to foreigners seeking to legalize their stay and activity in Poland. These services include assistance with obtaining visas, residence permits, and citizenship. Our lawyers can also provide legal consultation and advice on immigration to Poland, work and doing business, and personal situations. They can help clients navigate the complex Polish migration system and provide personalized solutions to optimize the process. Please get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Poland for their services.

How our immigration lawyers in Warsaw can help you?

Some of the common services provided by our immigration lawyers in Warsaw include:

  • Visa and residence permit applications: Our immigration law firm in Poland can assist with the application process for visas and residence permits, including temporary and permanent residence permits in Poland. You can also get assistance from our lawyers regarding long-term EU resident permits and permits for EU Blue Card holders.
  • Citizenship applications: Our immigration lawyers in Warsaw can help clients with the process of obtaining Polish citizenship, including naturalization and citizenship by descent.
  • Business immigration: Our Polish immigration lawyers can assist with the registration of companies in Poland and provide legal services in the field of business immigration law for businesses and foreigners who want to start or expand an existing business in this country.
  • Appeal proceedings: If you are planning to move to Poland, our lawyers can assist with the appeal process in case of a negative decision by Polish state authorities to issue documents.

It is important to choose a reputable law firm that specializes in immigration services to ensure that you receive appropriate legal assistance. Our immigration lawyers in Warsaw offer a range of services, including visa and residence permit applications, citizenship applications, and legal consultation.

Types of visas to immigrate to Poland

Poland offers various types of visas to cater to different relocation purposes. Please note that immigration policies and visa types may change, so it’s essential to check with our immigration lawyers in Warsaw for the latest information. Here you can find some common types of visas for immigrating to Poland include:

  1. National visa (D-type):
  •    Work visa;
  •    Business visa;
  •    Student visa;
  •     Research visa;
  •    Family reunification visa.
  • Schengen visa (C-type):
  •    Short-term visa for stays up to three months;
  •    Tourism, business, or family visits.
  • Temporary residence permit:

   – Granted for specific purposes, such as work, family reunification, or education.

  • Permanent residence permit:

   – Long-term residence status for individuals meeting specific criteria. Learn from our immigration lawyers in Warsaw about the requirements of acquiring permanent residency in Poland.

  • Humanitarian visa:

   – Granted for humanitarian reasons.

  • Pole’s Card:

   – Designed for individuals of Polish descent or individuals with strong ties to Poland.

It is necessary to consult with our immigration lawyers in Poland for the most up-to-date information on visa types, requirements, and application procedures.

Poland visa requirement

Citizens of certain countries do not need a visa to enter Poland for short stays (up to 90 days within 180 days) for purposes such as tourism, business, or family visits. This exemption is typically applicable to citizens of European Union (EU) member states, European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states, as well as several other countries.

It’s important to note that visa exemption policies can change, and it’s advisable to check the latest information from our immigration lawyers in Warsaw. The list of visa-exempt countries may vary based on bilateral agreements and changes in immigration regulations. If you plan to relocate to Poland for an extended period or purposes other than those covered by short-term visa exemptions, you may need to apply for a specific type of visa or residence permit.

Foreign population in Poland

Please find below the statistics of foreigners holding a temporary/permanent residence permit in Poland in 2023:

  • 104.02 thousand individuals from Belarus are in Poland;
  • The Ukrainian population in Poland is 490.3 thousand;
  • Almost 18.01 thousand Indians hold a Polish temporary/permanent permit.

Please contact our immigration lawyers in Warsaw if you have any questions about relocation. Besides this, if you are interested in applying for Polish citizenship, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal.