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FAQ About the Immigration Office in Warsaw

FAQ About the Immigration Office in Warsaw

Through our immigration office in Warsaw, foreign persons can benefit from a wide range of immigration services that are usually requested by those who want to relocate to this country. Persons moving to Poland can request legal assistance on how to obtain a residence permit, a work permit, apply for a specific type of visa, or on how they can relocate here for business purposes.

One of our most requested services is related to obtaining a residence permit in Poland.

What types of visas can foreigners obtain in Warsaw, Poland?

Foreigners moving to Poland can apply for several categories of visas. The need of having a visa when entering the Polish territory will depend on the nationality of the foreigner, the purpose of stay, and the duration of the stay. As a general rule, foreigners can apply for one of the following: the airport transit visa (the A-type visa), the Schengen visa (the C-type visa), and the national visa (the D-type visa). You can request information on how to apply for one of these visas from our immigration office in Warsaw.

Our lawyers in Warsaw can also help you apply for citizenship, but also for a Poland residence permit.

What are the basic residence permits issued to foreigners in Warsaw?

As a foreigner interested in moving to Poland on a legal basis, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit. The Poland immigration law provides the possibility of applying for a temporary residence permit and a permanent residence permit. When relocating here, the foreigner should first apply for a temporary residence permit following the procedures prescribed by the Office for Foreigners.

The residence permit in Poland is one of the most popular visas among foreign citizens coming to work in this country.

Yes, the Poland immigration legislation protects international refugees, who can submit applications for international protection in this country, but also in other European countries. Our immigration office in Warsaw is ready to assist refugees who are persecuted in their home countries based on their race, religion, nationality, or those who are facing a real risk due to military conflict; our immigration lawyer in Poland can be of assistance with tailored advice, based on the particular situation of a person.

We are at your disposal with a personalized approach when it comes to permanent residency in Poland. Our immigration specialists can help you before entering the country, by making the necessary arrangements for you to relocate here as soon as possible. Contact us for support anytime!

When can a foreigner become a Polish citizen?

Foreigners moving to Warsaw or to other Polish cities/regions can benefit from the right of becoming Polish citizens. There are numerous legal situations through which a foreigner can acquire Polish citizenship and our immigration office in Warsaw can present at length all the possibilities available in this case.

However, it must be noted that Polish citizenship can be obtained by refugees who have a permanent residence permit, by foreigners who relocated here on a permanent basis and who work in Poland, or by those who are married to local citizens, these being just some of the few options prescribed by the Poland migration law.

What is the data on foreigners living in Warsaw?

As the capital city of the country, Warsaw naturally attracts the highest rate of foreigners interested in moving to Poland for work opportunities and other important reasons. Foreigners relocate to this city mostly for employment purposes and they tend to stay here for at least several years and our immigration office in Warsaw can assist with advice on any requirements that can appear throughout the years. The data on foreigners presents the following:

• in 2016, the Mazovia region, which includes the capital city, accepted a total of 45,302 applications for residence permits;
• in 2019, the region of Mazovia accounted for 115,000 foreigners;
• the official statistics reveal that 1 in 4 foreigners moving to Poland and living in Warsaw is a Ukrainian citizen;
• in a survey addressed to foreigners living in Warsaw it was revealed that 30,6% of them moved here for employment opportunities, while 25% of them due to family-related reasons;
expats living in Warsaw consider that the capital city provides numerous cultural events (37% of them) and that it has a low cost of living (28%).

Can foreigners apply for an EU Blue Card in Poland?

Yes, as a member state of the European Union (EU), the Poland migration law provides the right of working here through an EU Blue Card; foreigners interested in working here can obtain in-depth legal assistance on the issuance procedure from our immigration office in Warsaw.

The basic eligibility criteria are the following: being a citizen of a country outside the EU, having a work contract with an employer in Warsaw, Poland, and having a degree in the field of interest or proven expertise in the respective field. Additional requirements can be imposed, and you may request for more details from our immigration office in Warsaw.

Please note that as a foreigner, you can also apply for other types of work permits. You can also relocate here as an investor starting a local business and this option provides numerous benefits. You can rely on the services of our immigration office in Warsaw and we recommend you contact our immigration lawyer for professional assistance and guidance in applying for Polish citizenship.