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Relocate from UK to Poland

Relocate from UK to Poland

Considering that the United Kingdom (UK) decided to leave the European Union (EU), a structure to which Poland has been a member state since 2004, the manner in which a British citizen can now move to Poland from UK is also in the process of being modified.

British citizens relocating to Poland from UK will benefit from the free movement rule applicable to EU citizens up until the 31st of December 2020, when the transition period ends, as per the regulations of the Withdrawal Agreement, which stipulates that EU citizens, including UK citizens, will benefit from the same rights.

However, persons who want to immigrate to Poland from UK must know that the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement allow them to stay, live, work or study in this country or in other EU countries as long as such persons have legal documents attesting their residency in EU member states. Our team of immigration lawyers in Poland can provide in-depth legal assistance on the procedures that will be imposed once the transition period ends.

UK citizens can apply for a residence permit in Poland with our help.

How can a British citizen move to Poland from UK?

Persons who have not yet moved to Poland and who want to relocate to this country must register with the local authorities, which means that they will have to apply for a residence permit. This is legally required in the case in which the foreigner is interested in moving to Poland for a period longer than three months. The procedure is handled through the Department of Foreigners operating in the region where the person lives.

Currently, British citizens who want to immigrate to Poland from UK will follow the same rules applicable to EU citizens relocating from one EU country to another. For this purpose, foreigners should prepare the following:

• an application form for the registration of residence of EU citizens;
• a travel document used to present the identity of the person (the original document);
• documents stating that the person has sufficient financial means to live in this country and others.

The types of documents can vary based upon the specific of a given case. Also, we can advise on how to obtain a residence permit in Poland.

How many British citizens live abroad?

The UK is seen as a country that has attracted a large number of immigrants from countries around the world. A large proportion of these persons are citizens of the EU. However, it must be noted that numerous British citizens have migrated to other EU countries, as only a part of them decided to relocate to Poland from UK. With regards to this subject, a study of the United Nations (UN) has revealed the following immigration trends:

• approximately 1,3 million citizens born in the UK have migrated to EU countries;
• in 2010/2011, approximately 900,000 British citizens had a long-term residency in other EU member states;
• in 2011, only a small share of British citizens living outside the country chose to move to Poland from UK, as this country ranked as the 20th market where one could find British immigrants;
• however, the statistics provided by the UN for 2017 showed a very different image, as Poland became the 8th most preferred immigration destination for British citizens;
• in 2017, the British community in Poland accounted for approximately 40,000 persons.

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How can a British citizen obtain a residence permit in Poland?

The procedure for Poland immigration in the case of UK citizens who are considering to move to Poland from UK and who want to obtain a residence permit is the same as in the case of other citizens. The Polish law provides two types of residence permits, created for short-term stays and for long-term stays. The residence permit for short-term stays is known as a temporary residence permit and it can be issued for a period of two years; at the end of this period, the person can renew the document.

The other type of permit, issued for long-term stay, is the permanent residence permit, a document that can be granted only to foreigners who have lived in Poland for a period of minimum 5 years. The document can also be granted to the children of those who are the holders of permanent residence permits, who were born during the document’s validity. This document can be granted to the below-mentioned categories of persons as well:

• persons who have are the holder of the Pole Card;
UK citizens who have a Polish origin and who intend to immigrate to Poland from UK;
UK citizens who are married to Polish citizens and who have been married for at least three years;
• the above-mentioned condition is fulfilled only in the case in which the applicant has lived in Poland for at least two years at the moment when he or she applied for permanent residency;
• the document can be provided to asylum seekers as well, or to persons relocating to Poland for humanitarian reasons.

Please note that the issuance of the immigration papers can last up to several months, considering that Poland has a large number of applicants. We invite you to contact our immigration lawyers in Poland for additional information on this subject and for legal representation on the procedures that will be imposed after the transitional period between the UK and the EU ends. It is also easy to obtain Polish citizenship with the help of our lawyers.