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Moving to Poland from Australia

Moving to Poland from Australia

The process of moving to Poland from Australia is comprised of several steps that should be first verified by the Australians relocating to this country. Depending on the duration of the stay, different papers must be submitted with the Polish authorities and various forms should be completed.

The Poland migration rules stipulate different regulations based on the duration of stay and this is why it is of high importance to study the applicable regulations or to request legal information from our immigration lawyer in Poland. However, Australians must have a valid passport regardless of the duration of their stay or the purpose of the visit. The Poland residence permit is accessible to citizens of foreign countries.

What are the requirements for short-term stays in Poland?

In the case of those relocating to Poland from Australia for a short-term period of time, which under the Polish law is defined as any visit with a duration of less than 90 days, there aren’t any visa requirements that must be met. The passport is necessary when the foreigner arrives from another Schengen state and the Polish authorities will no longer require the foreigner’s visa.

Still, it must be observed that even when immigrating to Poland from Australia for traveling purposes or visiting family members or friends, Australian citizens should have a passport that has a validity period three months longer than the date at which they will depart the Schengen area. This requirement also applies when applying for a residence permit in Poland.

Do long-term stays require a visa for Australian citizens?

Yes, all Australian citizens interested in moving to Poland for long-term stays (defined as visits longer than 90 days) must apply for a visa. Considering that the duration of the stay is of minimum 90 days, this will also imply that the foreigner will have to apply for a residence permit, which is required for all foreigners immigrating to Poland for at least three consecutive months.

In this case, a person who wants to relocate to Poland from Australia should apply for a D-type visa (national visa). The document grants the right of living here for a period of maximum one year and it also provides the opportunity of traveling to all Schengen states. Our immigration lawyer in Poland can present the steps Australians should follow for the issuance of the document, and you may find below some of the basic requirements:

• a visa application form signed and completed with the required information;
• a valid passport and the proof of payment for the issuance of the visa;
• travel medical insurance that must have a minimum value of EUR 30,000;
• information on the purpose of the stay and the accommodation arrangements made by the applicant;
• proof of having sufficient financial funds for moving to Poland for the respective period and other documents, as per the provisions imposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

If you want to apply for permanent residency in Poland, you need to submit a set of documents. They imply having a valid passport, proof of residency, and enough money to maintain oneself. These must be submitted to the immigration officials, who will stamp the passport with the residency stamp. If you need help getting it, get in touch with us.

Long-term relocation is a suitable way of obtaining Polish citizenship.

Can Australians obtain Polish citizenship?

Yes, Australians are eligible for obtaining Polish citizenship, as it is the case of other nationalities relocated to this country. Thus, those relocating to Poland from Australia on a permanent basis can verify the conditions prescribed by the Ministry of Interior and Administration, as there are several ways of acquiring Polish citizenship, which are prescribed by the Polish Citizenship Act, as follows:

• foreigners moving to Poland from Australia can become Polish citizens after 3 years of uninterrupted residence in this country (living as a permanent resident);
• persons who have been living for at least 2 years under a permanent residence card and who are permanent residents;
• persons who have been living here for at least 2 years and who have been married for at least 3 years to Polish citizens;
• persons who have been living in Poland for at least 2 years and who have obtained residence permits based on their Polish descendants;
• additional options are available under the Article 30 Section 1 of the Polish Citizenship Act, as well as under Article 20 Section 2.

If a person moving to Poland from Australia, who is an Australian national, gets married to a Polish citizen, and if the couple has children, the child will be entitled to Polish citizenship, regardless if the birth takes place on Polish territory or elsewhere.

The Poland immigration legislation provides additional rights for gaining Polish citizenship. Australians interested to permanently immigrate to Poland from Australia are invited to address our lawyer for advice or legal representation on the steps they should expect during this process. Please contact our immigration lawyer in Poland for assistance on any of the immigration procedures applicable to foreigners.