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Moving to Poland from Canada

Moving to Poland from Canada

The Poland migration rules depend based on the nationality of the foreigners relocating here, and this is why the regulations can vary to a great extent. Some foreigners may need a visa, while others can be exempted based on these aspects. Persons moving to Poland from Canada will, for example, need a visa for stays with a duration longer than 90 days.

The issuance of the document can be granted to Canadian citizens for a wide range of reasons, employment included. The document can also be used as a legal document for those want to immigrate to Poland from Canada on a short-term or long-term basis (in the latter case, the permanent residence permit will be issued). The residence permit in Poland is quite easy to obtain.

How can young persons move to Poland from Canada?

Young Canadians have the possibility of participating in the Youth Mobility Program, a program which is available for persons with ages between 18 to 35 years old and which grants the right of working here or participating in various internships. This program is available for those moving to Poland from Canada on a definite period of time, as the visa is issued for a period of one year; our immigration lawyer in Poland can assist with in-depth information on the main qualifications young Canadians should have when applying for this program.

In order to enter the Youth Mobility Program, Canadian citizens should apply for a D-type visa (also known as the National Visa), a document that provides the right of relocating to Poland for a period of minimum 90 days to maximum one year.

Having a national visa implies the fact that the person will be moving to Poland from Canada for a longer period of time, and this means that the document will also provide a temporary residence permit (the visa applicant will not have to go through additional procedures) since this document is needed once a foreigner stays here for at least 90 days.

Persons who wiah to immigrate to Poland from Canada under the Youth Mobility Program can become employees in a local company in their field of studies, participate in trainings or internships or acquire professional development provided that they are students or post-secondary graduates. The visa can be used as a way of discovering the local culture and visiting the country while having the right of working here.

It must be noted that this type of program does not require Canadian citizens to apply for a work permit, a procedure which is generally compulsory for the standard visa application when an employment relation is established between a foreigner and a local business; our immigration lawyer in Poland can offer more details on how to apply for a work permit.

Prior to moving to Poland from Canada, Canadian citizens should have a valid passport that is issued by the Canadian authorities. The formalities for having a valid passport must be completed by the visa applicants prior to actually starting the visa application procedure, as when this is started, the document must be presented as a part of the application file. For this country, the passport requirements are established by the Government of Canada. We can also help you apply for Poland citizenship by investment.

What are the visa requirements in Poland?

Considering that those relocating to Poland from Canada will stay here for a longer period, we will present below some of the basic requirements one must meet for the issuance of the national visa. There are minimum conditions that must be met, such as:

• the passport of a Canadian citizen immigrating to Poland must have an expiration date of at least 3 months longer than the date at which the visa expires;
• the applicant must provide 2 photos (passport standard size);
• if the return ticket is not yet purchased at the moment of the application, the person must make proof that he or she has sufficient financial means to purchase it – the minimum amount is established at PLN 2,500 (or EUR 565);
• the person moving to Poland from Canada must also have medical travel insurance with a minimum value of EUR 30,000;
• provided that the foreigner simply applies for a national visa (outside the Youth Mobility Program), then he or she must have an employment contract signed with a local employer for a period of minimum 1 year.

The employment contract is one of the fastest ways to a residence permit. If you are interested in obtaining Polish permanent residency, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can assist non-EU nationals who are visiting Europe for the first time and are unsure of the specific protocol to follow. Make sure to get in touch with us in advance so that you can make use of our services as soon as you arrive.

Can Canadians benefit from simplified visa procedures in Poland?

Yes, those who plan on moving to Poland from Canada can benefit from simplified visa application procedures (besides the simplified procedures available under the Youth Mobility Program). For example, if they are family members of citizens of the European Union (EU), they can apply for a visa under the regulations of the Directive 2004/38/EC.

If you want to immigrate to Poland from Canada, our team is at your disposal. You can contact our immigration lawyer in Poland for additional information on how to apply for a visa as a foreigner who is a family member of an EU citizen. We can also answer your questions on Polish citizenship.