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Obtain a D-type National Visa for Poland

Obtain a D-type National Visa for Poland

Visas in Poland are issued based on the duration of stay. The local legislation distinguishes between short-term stays visas and long-term stays visas. The D-type national visa in Poland represents a document for long-term stays (which are, however, limited to a given amount of time). The document is considered a visa for long-term stays due to the fact that is issued for visits longer than 90 days in a 180 days period. This is also the best way to obtain a residence permit in Poland.

The D-type national visa can be used for multiple entries in this country, that have a total duration of at least 90 days. There is not any legal distinction from a single stay of minimum 90 days or from multiple entries which account for more than 90 days. Still, foreigners who want to become holders of this type of document have to know that the validity of the document is of maximum one year.

Our immigration lawyers in Poland can offer information on the nationalities that must have a D-type national visa when arriving here.

What documents must one prepare for the issuance of the Polish D-type visa?

Upon the preparation of the application for the D-type visa, foreigners should first verify all the documents they should submit. The Poland migration law mentions a set of standard documents that must be presented when applying for this document, but additional papers may be needed based on the nationality of the applicant. The set of standard documents is comprised of the following:

• the persons’ passport and the visa application form, signed and completed as needed;
• the proof of the payment of the visa fee and a recent photograph of the applicant;
• a travel medical insurance with a value of at least EUR 30,000;
• documents attesting the purpose of the visit and evidence with regards to the person’s accommodation conditions – this is compulsory even when moving to Poland for a short period of time;
• documents showing that the applicant has sufficient financial resources to live in Poland;
• a document showing evidence on the date when the foreigner will leave Poland (this date must be prior to the visa expiration date).

The Poland immigration procedures are made in such a way that the application form can be processed in a fast manner. For example, a D-type national visa in Poland can be processed in a period of only 6 days from the moment in which the application was made correctly and the visa application fee was paid. Still, in practice, the local authorities may require additional information on various papers submitted by the applicant, in which case, the visa application procedure may increase to 30 days. We advise foreign citizens to consider that special requirements apply when requesting Polish citizenship.

When applying for a D-type national visa for Poland, foreigners should address to a Polish diplomatic mission (consulate or embassy) operating in their region. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland has created a portal for visa applications where foreigners can make an appointment with the Polish representatives, and where they can observe the most suitable diplomatic mission they should contact.

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What are the main purposes for the issuance of the Polish D-type visa?

The visas available in Poland, including the D-type visa, are issued based on the regulations of the Act on Foreigners of 12 December 2013; additional Poland immigration regulations will apply here and we recommend you to request more details from our lawyers. This type of document offers the possibility of staying in Poland for a determined period of time, but it also provides its holders the right of free movement in the Schengen area, as per the regulations of the European Commission.

The available law stipulates that the C-type visa and the D-type visa can be issued for a wide range of reasons and the reason for the issuance of each visa will be marked with a sticker on the visa document. Some of the basic reasons foreigners can invoke when requesting a D-type national visa for Poland, marked by numbers, are the following:

• 01 – the visa is issued for the purpose of visiting the country;
• 02 – issued for the purpose of visiting family members or friends living in Poland;
• 03 – the document is issued when the applicant will participate in a sports event;
• 04 – the document is issued for business purposes in Poland;
• 05 – it provides the right of working in this country for a period of maximum 6 months, under specific situations prescribed by the Poland migration law.

In total, there are 23 legal grounds (including the ones presented above) for which a person can request the issuance of a visa in this country. The document can be requested when the foreigner is involved in a teaching or research activity, but it can also be obtained if a foreign citizen needs medical treatment in Poland.

It can be used as a way of moving to Poland, but only in very specific situations (family member of an EU citizen, family member of a repatriate, etc.). We invite you to contact our immigration lawyers in Poland for legal advice on how to obtain the D-type visa. You can also count on us if you are interested in Polish citizenship.