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Obtain Residency in Poland

Obtain Residency in Poland

The residence permit in Poland is granted based on the period in which the person intends to stay in this country. Thus, Polish legislation distinguishes between temporary and Poland permanent residence permits. The first step for foreigners moving to Poland is to apply for temporary residence permits, which are issued if the duration of the stay in this country is at least three months.

The temporary residence permit is granted as long as the foreigner can prove that he or she has a reason to stay in this country, related to family matters, work or studies. Those interested in obtaining residency in this country should know that this type of permit is issued for a maximum period of two years and, upon the expiration on the permit, the holder can renew it for two additional years. More information on the steps involved in the issuance of the residency permit in this country can be provided by our team of immigration lawyers in Poland.

Our lawyers can offer detailed information on the residence permit in Poland. In case you want to obtain the residence permit for Slovakia, we can put you in contact with our partners – LawyersSlovakia.com.

How can one apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland?

The first step for Poland immigration in the case of those who want to obtain a temporary residence permit is to file for an application with the consulate in the country where the person currently resides. In other words, the application must be made prior to moving to Poland, but there are exceptions from this, applicable to foreigners who are already in this country and who may apply for a temporary residence permit with a Polish regional office in charge with this procedure.

 Quick Facts  
  Residence permit types

Temporary residence permit, long-term residence permit for EU citizens, permanent residence permit

Time needed to obtain the temporary residence permit

A few months

Temporary residence permit validity

 Maximum 3 years
Documents for obtaining temporary residence

Standard application form, recent photos, a valid passport, stamp duty payment receipt, other documents based on the reason for immigration.

Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register) Registration with Council District Offices within 30 days for EU citizens and 4 days for non-EU citizens
Dependents can join the temporary permit holder 

No, family members need to apply for separate residence permit

Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes


Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence Permanent residence can be obtained after living in Poland between 1 and 10 years, depending on the status of the foreign citizen
Documents for obtaining permanent residence Copies after the residence permit, recent photos, proof of payment of the stamp duty
Naturalization requirements  Living in Poland for a minimum period of time, or by getting married to a Polish citizen
Citizenship after permanent residence Living in Poland for at least 3 years based on a permanent residence permit
 Possibility to acquire permanent residency through marriage visa (YES/NO)  Yes, provided the foreign citizen is married to a Polish national for 3 years and has lived in Poland for 2 years.

 Sponsorship requirements for family members (if any)

No, the Polish resident is not required to act as sponsor for family members. 

 Possibility to obtain Polish residency through employment

Yes, employment can be used to obtain Polish residency. 

 Special requirements by country of origin (if any) No, Poland does not have special conditions for certain nationalities. 
 Entry visa requirement before entering Poland (YES/NO)

Yes, for non-EU citizens entering Poland for the first time 

 Access to Polish residency through an EU Blue Card

Yes, residency can be acquired through the Blue Card. 

 Polish language requirements when applying for residency (YES/NO)


 Easiest way to obtain permanent residency

 Temporary residency based on business creation and/or employment

 Best cities to live in Poland

– Warsaw;

– Krakow;

– Poznan;

– Gdansk, etc. 

 Benefits of permanent residence in Poland

– employment benefits;

– access to healthcare;

– access to education;

– possibility to apply for tax deductions. 

 Support in applying for permanent residency (YES/NO)

 Yes, we are at the service of those who want to apply for Polish permanent residence.

The residence permit in Poland represents a document which grants a foreigner the right of living in this country and moving from a region to another and, in order to obtain it, the person is legally required to provide information on the current social and financial situation. This means that the applicant must provide documents attesting that he or she has a place to live in Poland, is or will be employed in this country and has sufficient financial means to cover the costs of living here.

EU nationals that wish to apply for a residency permit in Poland in 2024 should submit the following documentation:

– application (one original and three photocopies);
– a copy of a valid travel document or another identification document;
– confirmation for registering for temporary stay;
– documents or written statements that the abovementioned conditions are observed.

In addition to the mentioned documents, employees, entrepreneurs, students, spouses and other family members must submit additional documentation. Family members need to apply for separate residence permits, an obligation that exists in other European countries too. For example, in Italy, dependents can’t join the temporary permit holder, only those who renew their residency from Italy can bring their family members in certain situations.

Employees working in Poland or entrepreneurs must provide a written statement issued by the employer describing the intention to provide a work certificate and stipulate that the EU national will work for them; or a copy of entry into the National Court Register, if applicable.

Students in 2024 must provide a certificate issued by the college, confirming admission, documents conforming medical insurance and a written statement or a certificate to confirm that the person has sufficient personal resources.

Spouses must submit documents that confirm the marriage with a Polish national.
Those interested in obtaining a residence permit in Poland should file the application personally, no later than the following day after the expiration of the three months period. The documents must be submitted at the Foreigners’ Affairs Unit of the Department of Nationals.

The main rules for obtaining a residence permit in Poland remain the same in 2024 in terms of necessary documents and the conditions to apply for the permit before arriving in the country and remaining for longer periods or engaging in an employment activity, perhaps. If you need more information on the pre- and post-arrival steps, as well as details on how we can assist if certain travel restrictions are in place, you can reach out to our team.

A number of variables, such as your heritage or the length of time you have lived in Poland as an expat, will determine if you are qualified for Polish citizenship. However, if you are interested in acquiring a passport here, you can ask for the support of our lawyers who can verify your eligibility score.

We can also help you apply for Polish citizenship by investment.

What is the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit in 2024?

You can move to Poland and apply for permanent residence permit if you reside here for at least 5 years straight. In the beginning, you must have had a temporary residence visa from Poland issued for job, study, or marriage to a Polish national. You are not permitted to work or study in other European nations with a permanent residence permit.

To obtain a permanent residence permit in Poland, the initial step involves applying at the Governor’s office and submitting all necessary documents. These documents include photographs and evidence of eligibility for permanent residency. Furthermore, it’s essential to translate all required documents into Polish and have them legalized before submission, providing both originals and copies. Following document submission, applicants must await a response, with processing typically taking between six to twelve months. Although the official processing time is approximately one month, practical delays often extend the timeframe significantly.

There are several documents that must be submitted in this case and they can also vary based upon the legal status of the person (married to a Polish citizen, the holder of a Pole’s Card, the person has a Polish origin and others). Depending on your personal situation, our team of immigration lawyers in Poland can offer legal assistance and can guide you through all the steps.

However, it is necessary to know that all applicants have to submit documents which attest the fact that they meet the necessary requirements to qualify for the Poland permanent residence permit in 2024. The application can be made in person with the Governor’s Office in the region where the person lives or it can be made on an online platform developed by the Office for Foreigners.

Who is entitled to permanent residency in Poland?

Foreign citizens who move to Poland have several ways through which they can establish themselves here for good. The first step in this sense is to obtain the Poland residency visa followed by Polish citizenship.

The following categories of immigrants are entitled to apply for Polish permanent residency:

  • persons born in Poland who have left the country but want to return and remain here;
  • children of Polish citizens born abroad;
  • persons who are married to Polish citizens;
  • persons who have already obtained long-term EU residency;
  • children of foreigners who have obtained long-term EU residence cards.

For each applicant the documents to submit with the Polish authorities are different.

In the case of foreign citizens with non-EU nationalities, these are required to apply for temporary residency first.

If you want to move to Poland and apply for Poland residency visa, our immigration lawyers are at your service.

Obtaining permanent residency in Poland through marriage

Getting married to a Polish citizen can bring various rights to a foreign one. Among these, the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Poland. The main condition the foreign applicant needs to meet is to have been married for at least 3 years and to have lived for at least 2 years in this country based on a temporary residence permit.

If you want to relocate to Poland for getting married and then applying for residency, our immigration lawyers cand provide you the necessary information and can guide you through the procedure.

Obtaining Polish residency based on an EU Blue Card

Foreign citizens from non-EU countries who have moved to Poland based on their residency cards available at EU level, there are a series of benefits, among which the most important is that they can apply for permanent residency easier.

The conditions for these to obtain a residence permit for Poland are:

  • they have sufficient funds to support themselves in Poland;
  • they have health insurance with EU coverage;
  • they speak Polish.

Additionally, these must have lived in Poland for 5 uninterrupted years.

As a member country of the European Union, Poland can offer various facilities to foreign citizens and who come from non-EU countries and want to remain here. Also, once granted, the permanent residence permit will have no expiration date. It will also enable the holder to apply for citizenship after the mandatory stay period has been met.

Our immigration lawyer in Poland can offer tailored assistance to foreign citizens from non-EU countries who want to move here.

How to obtain residence by investment in Poland

Another option for non-EU citizens who want to relocate to Poland and obtain permanent residency is the Golden Visa Scheme which aims at attracting investors who can make a significant contribution to the country’s economy.

The applicant can obtain residency by investment by injecting capital in a Polish company. There is also the possibility of creating a new venture. The requirement for obtain residency this way is for the business owner to prove the company will generate a minimum of 15,000 per year. This way, the investor becomes eligible for temporary residency followed by permanent one.

Real estate investment is also an option for those who want to retire here. Permanent residency can be obtained after 3 years of temporary residency, and after another 3 year-period, the applicant can apply for Polish citizenship.

Another route for Polish citizenship by investment is an investment of at least 1 million euros.

We advise those interested in applying for Polish permanent residency to ask for updated information from our lawyers, as the conditions of the program have changed recently.

What is the easiest way of obtaining Poland permanent residency?

Poland is one of the European countries to offer permanent residency quite easy. The conditions, no matter the way you have relocated here, are similar for those who have come to work, start a business, or through marriage, as all they need to do is submit evidence of their stay here for the minimum period required by law.

For those who want to apply for permanent residence based on ancestry, however, establishing a connection to a Polish citizen may require more work in term of documents.

If you want to immigrate to Poland and need assistance, our lawyers are at your disposal with various services. Among these, a through verification of your case and provision of a suitable relocation solution in order to ensure the success of your application. You can also rely on us of for support when preparing the relocation papers and post-immigration guidance.

We can guide you through applying for a residence permit in Poland. You can also watch our video below:

What is the current data on residence permits issued in Poland?

In the last few years, Poland has been one of the EU countries that issued the highest number of residence permits. At a EU level, in 2018, there were issued a total of 3,2 residence permits for non-EU citizens, which marked an increase of 0,4% compared to the situation of 2017. Numerous foreigners preferred moving to Poland, Eurostat’s Migration and migrant population statistics indicate that as of January 1, 2022:

  • Approximately 419,000 third-country nationals (TCNs) resided in Poland, accounting for 1.1% of the population;
  • Additionally, there were around 33,400 EU citizens living in Poland, constituting 0.1% of the population;
  • In 2019, the number of new immigrants securing residence permits exceeding 12 months in Poland (excluding EU citizens) reached 93,000, marking an increase of 8.3% compared to 2018. Among these immigrants:
  • 61.5% were labor migrants,
  • 15.5% were family members, including accompanying family,
  • 2.1% arrived for educational purposes,
  • 20.9% fell into other migrant categories.
  • The highest number of residence permits at a EU level, measured by nationality, was granted to Ukrainian citizens, accounting for 527,000 persons; out of these, 78% applied for residence permits in Poland in 2018;
  • The preference for moving to Poland was also observed in the case of citizens from Belarus, as 92% of those relocating to EU applied for Polish residence permits (from a total of 138,000 persons).

Both foreigners and natives in Poland face some difficulties, and there is a learning curve involved. The cost of living is relatively affordable when compared to other European nations. A little over a third of Polish citizens overall claim being able to speak English to some extent, indicating that English is rather frequently spoken in Poland’s larger cities. But, this does not guarantee that you will not run into difficulties in public places, stores, or with some people.

For more information on how to apply for a Poland permanent residence permit or a temporary one, you can refer to our team of Poland immigration lawyers, specialized in numerous branches of immigration law. We can also represent foreigners who want to start a business here and who want not only to invest in this country, but also to relocate here on a long-term basis. You can also count us if you are interested in Polish citizenship.