Obtain Residency in Poland

The residence permit in Poland is granted based on the period in which the person intends to stay in this country. Thus, the Polish legislation distinguishes between temporary and Poland permanent residence permits. The first step for foreigners moving to Poland is to apply for temporary residence permits, which are issued if the duration of the stay in this country is of at least three months.

The temporary residence permit is granted as long as the foreigner can prove that he or she has a reason to stay in this country, related to family matters, work or studies. Those interested in obtaining residency in this country should know that this type of permit is issued for a maximum period of two years and, upon the expiration on the permit, the holder can renew it for two additional years. More information on the steps involved in the issuance of the residency permit in this country can be provided by our team of immigration lawyers in Poland.

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How can one apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland?

The first step for Poland immigration in the case of those who want to obtain a temporary residence permit is to file for an application with the consulate in the country where the person currently resides. In other words, the application must be made prior to moving to Poland, but there are exceptions from this, applicable to foreigners who are already in this country and who may apply for a temporary residence permit with a Polish regional office in charge with this procedure.

The residence permit in Poland represents a document which grants a foreigner the right of living in this country and moving from a region to another and, in order to obtain it, the person is legally required to provide information on the current social and financial situation. This means that the applicant must provide documents attesting that he or she has a place to live in Poland, is or will be employed in this country and has sufficient financial means to cover the costs of living here.

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What is the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit in 2021?

The 2021 Poland permanent residence permit grants the right of living in this country for an indefinite amount of time. However, in order to qualify for this type of document, the applicant must have been living in Poland for at least five years at the moment when he or she applied for the issuance of this type of permit.

There are several documents that must be submitted in this case and they can also vary based upon the legal status of the person (married to a Polish citizen, the holder of a Pole’s Card, the person has a Polish origin and others). Depending on your personal situation, our team of immigration lawyers in Poland can offer legal assistance and can guide you through all the steps.

However, it is necessary to know that all applicants have to submit documents which attest the fact that they meet the necessary requirements to qualify for the Poland permanent residence permit in 2021. The application can be made in person with the Governor’s Office in the region where the person lives or it can be made on an online platform developed by the Office for Foreigners.

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What is the current data on residence permits issued in Poland?

In the last few years, Poland has been one of the EU countries that issued the highest number of residence permits. At a EU level, in 2018, there were issued a total of 3,2 residence permits for non-EU citizens, which marked an increase of 0,4% compared to the situation of 2017. Numerous foreigners preferred moving to Poland, as stated by the Eurostat data, presented below:

  • in 2018, Poland was the country which issued 20% of the total residence permits granted at a EU level, accounting for 635,000 documents;
  • Poland was chosen as the main market to seek employment as a foreigner, considering that it issued the highest number of employment permits (it accounted for 328,000 permits or 37% of all  the employment permits issued in the EU);
  • the highest number of residence permits at a EU level, measured by nationality, was granted to Ukrainian citizens, accounting for 527,000 persons;
    out of these, 78% applied for residence permits in Poland in 2018;
  • the preference for moving to Poland was also observed in the case of citizens from Belarus, as 92% of those relocating to EU applied for Polish residence permits (from a total of 138,000 persons).

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