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Obtain Schengen Visa for Poland

Obtain Schengen Visa for Poland

One of the visa types that can be obtained by foreigners moving to Poland for a short period of time is the Schengen Visa. The document can allow the applicant the right of free movement at the level of all the Schengen member states or it can provide limited access, to a country, such as Poland, or to few countries included in the Schengen area. Those wishing to apply for a Poland Schengen visa can request information from our immigration lawyers.

What types of Schengen visas can be obtained in Poland?

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, the Schengen visa, which is known as the C-type visa, is divided into two categories of visas. One can apply for the Uniform Schengen Visa, which grants the right of movement in all the Schengen member states for a maximum of 90 days during a 180 days period, or for the Schengen Visa with Limited Territorial Validity.

With regards to the maximum period of time allocated in the case of the latter Poland Schengen visa, it must be noted that the same characteristics are applied, as it is the case of the Uniform Schengen Visa, the main difference between the two being that the visa with limited territoriality can provide the right to Poland migration for a given purpose or it can be extended to the right of visiting several Schengen states.

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How can a foreigner apply for a Poland Schengen Visa?

There are certain obligations a foreigner must meet when requesting a visa. Not all visa applications will be accepted by the local authorities and, in order to make sure that the application will pass the initial processing, it must contain all the documents required under the applicable law.

One of the main requirements is to have a traveling document, which, in this case, is represented by the passport. It must be noted that the issuing and expiration dates of the document are of high importance also. As such, foreigners must be aware that their passport must be issued during the last 10 years prior to their visa request and it must be valid for at least three months after the date of the visa expiration.

The foreigner must complete and sign the visa application form, which contains personal information on the applicant, his or her family relations with citizens of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) and the type of passport the person has (diplomatic, service or ordinary passport), the proof that the person has paid the visa application fee, as well as photographs.

When applying for Poland immigration through a Schengen visa, which grants the right to short-term stays in this country, the foreigner must be aware that the issuance is bound by the proof of having a travel medical insurance with a minimum value of EUR 30,000 and the document must be recognized at the level of all the Schengen states.

More than this, the applicant must make the proof of having enough financial means used for covering the cost of living in the given period (this visa can’t be used for employment purposes). The visa application form has to provide clear information on the place where the person will live in Poland, a document that will show the purpose of the stay, but also clear evidence that the departure of the foreigner will take place prior to the expiration of the document.

Please be aware that the legal requirements can vary based on the nationality of the applicant and for detailed information on other documents that can be required in this situation, we invite you to request the assistance of our immigration lawyers in Poland, who are prepared to provide personalized advice.

How many Schengen visas were issued in Poland?

The Poland Schengen visa has one of the highest demands at the level of the Schengen states. From the total Schengen states, of 26, Poland represents the 8th most important jurisdiction with regards to the issuance of the Schengen visa. Below, we present the following data (on the issuance of visas in 2017):

• in 2017, all the Schengen member states issued a total of 14,6 million visas for short-stays;
Poland received in 823,101 applications for uniform Schengen visas;
• from this number, the Poland Schengen visa was granted to 789,343 persons;
• most of the Schengen visas issued by Poland were for multiple entry purposes (585,240 visas);
• from the total of visas issued here, the multiple entry visas accounted for 74,1%.

For more details on the Poland migration requirements applicable in the case of Schengen visas, as well as information on the institutions involved in this process, we invite you to contact our lawyers. Foreigners can also address our team of immigration lawyers in Poland for advice on how to apply for a long-term visa, a residence permit or citizenship.

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