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Obtain a Poland Student Visa

Obtain a Poland Student Visa

As a foreign person wishing to study in Poland, one can apply for a student visa. The need to obtain a Poland student visa will depend on the nationality of the applicant; for example, the citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) do not have to apply for a visa when moving to Poland for study purposes, but they will need to register their residency after living here for a period of minimum three months (or 90 days).

Students who are citizens of countries outside the EU and the EEA will generally be required to apply for a Poland student visa, following the standard application procedure. Below, we will present the main aspects foreign students should take into consideration, but you can also rely on the services of our immigration lawyer in Poland for extensive information regarding this matter.

For other categories of applicants, we can advise on how to obtain a residence permit in Poland.

Many countries offer passports through investment. Polish citizenship cannot be obtained this way, however, permanent residency can, or better said, citizenship can be acquired indirectly by means of investment. You can address our lawyers for guidance on what investment entails for this purpose.

What are the basic requirements when applying for a Poland student visa?

As a non-EU or non-EEA student interested in moving to Poland for study purposes, it is necessary to verify the process for the issuance of the visa prior to registering to a local university, as the visa must be obtained before arriving here. One of the first conditions for obtaining a Poland student visa is to have finished secondary education and to have a certificate attesting to this. Other basic requirements are the following:

• the applicant must have a baccalaureate diploma recognized at an international level or at a European level;
• if the secondary education certification is only recognized in the country where the person graduated, then the document must be legally recognized by a Polish diplomatic mission, as per the Poland migration law;
• the applicant must prepare a Poland student visa application form;
• he or she must have a valid passport that has a validity date which is at least three months longer than the date at which the person will depart Poland;
• he or she must have an official letter of acceptance issued by a Polish university;
• the person must add a CV and the diplomas and certificates obtained in his or her country.

Besides these, the applicant must provide evidence on having proficiency in the language in which the courses will be held in Poland. Having health insurance is also necessary and the complete application file must also contain the proof that the person paid the visa application fee. The person must provide information on his or her accommodation in Poland as well.

Given the fact that the student will enroll in studies that will have a duration of more than three months, he or she should also verify the conditions for obtaining a temporary residence permit. With regard to this matter, you can easily obtain in-depth information from our immigration lawyer in Poland.

If you want to obtain Polish citizenship, you will need to meet specific requirements.

How many foreign students are in Poland?

Studying in Poland as a foreign student has become more and more attractive in the last decade, considering the growing numbers of foreign persons interested in tertiary education here. Although the majority of foreign students arrives from EU countries, there are numerous students from outside the EU, in which case the Poland student visa will be needed. Concerning the number of students interested in studying here, we present the following:

• in 2015, Poland had 46,101 foreign students from 158 states;
• in 2018, the number of foreign students increased, even more, reaching 72,743 persons;
• in the academic year of 2017-2018, the share of foreign students accounted for 5,63% of all the students enrolled in Polish universities;
• the number of foreign students moving to Poland has been constantly increasing since 2005 when a new education program was launched by the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland;
• in the period of 2000-2005, the country accounted for less than 10,000 foreign students.

As a foreign student, you can decide to relocate and apply for a residence permit in Poland, if you are looking for a long-time stay.

How can one obtain a residence permit in Poland?

As mentioned above, a foreign student applying for a Poland student visa will also have to apply for a residence permit. The permit is issued for a period of 15 months in the case of those enrolled in university studies and it can be renewed for a period of up to three years.

In order to obtain a residence permit, the student must provide information on his or her current address in Poland, the purpose of stay, the proof of having sufficient financial means, and health insurance. Other documents can be required and, in this case, and you can contact our immigration lawyer in Poland for more details. You can also address to our lawyer for in-depth information on how to apply for a Poland student visa, as well as for any other matters related to Poland citizenship.