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Relocate from US to Poland

Relocate from US to Poland

American citizens can relocate to Poland if they wish to do so. However, for this to happen, they have to go through various immigration steps imposed by the Polish authorities. Prior to moving to Poland, American citizens should apply for a specific visa, but exemptions from this rule are available based on a diplomatic exchange of notes signed between Poland and the United States of America (USA) in 1991.

The order of the procedures for Poland immigration is the following: verify if you, as an American citizen, must apply for a visa, verify the type of visa you require (Poland issues two basic types of visas, for short-term stays and for long-term stays), submit the necessary paperwork and then wait for the issuance of the document.

This will allow the person, if the visa is needed, to enter this country for a given period of time. If the visa is issued for a period of maximum 90 days, the purpose of the arrival in Poland will be considered a short-time stay, be it for traveling, business, studies or otherwise. If you want to immigrate to Poland from US, our team of lawyers is at your disposal.

If the visa is issued for a period longer than 90 days and up to a year, then, according to the Polish law, the respective person should apply for a residence permit in this country and our team of immigration lawyers in Poland can assist with advice on the steps involved in this procedure. We can also advise on how to obtain Polish citizenship by investment.

We are at the service of people who want to immigrate to Poland.

How can American citizens apply for Polish visas?

The procedure starts by applying for a visa with the Polish consulate or embassy operating in the region where the American citizen lives, which can be found in large cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and others. As presented above, the Polish legislation prescribes two types of visas addressed to American citizens: short-term visas, issued for a period of up to 90 days (Schengen visas A and C) and the long-term visa, issued for a period of minimum 90 days and up to 365 days (National Visa D).

 Quick Facts  
Visa requirements for US nationals

No, if the stay does not exceed 90 days

Special conditions applicable (YES/NO)

Schengen Agreement parties

Relocation options

 Short-term and long-term residence permits are available for those who relocate from USA to Poland
Permanent residence requirements

Living in Poland for 5 years

Access to investor/citizenship by investment visa YES, it is possible to relocate from USA to Poland based on an investor visa
Timeframe for obtaining a residence permit (approx.)

3 – 8 months

Family reunification visa availability (YES/NO) YES, family reunification visas are available under the form of temporary residence permits


Investment visa requirements Business creation with a minimum investment of
EUR 100,000
Permanent residence timeframe US citizens must live in Poland for 5 consecutive years to obtain permanent residence
Citizenship requirements After 2 years of living in Poland based on a permanent residence permit
Possibility to acquire real estate (YES/NO) YES, it is possible to relocate from USA to Poland and buy a property
Poland-USA double tax treaty (YES/NO) YES
Immigration services (YES/NO) YES, we can assist those who want to immigrate to Poland from USA
Post-immigration support (YES/NO) YES, tailored support in renewing documents about to expire, registration with the local authorities

Regardless of what type of visa the person has obtained when immigrating to Poland, if the stay in this country will be prolonged, it will be necessary to apply for a residence permit, in most of the cases. American citizens who are the holders of a Polish visa can also request the extension of the visa, but only for specific legal reasons. For example, in the case of a National Visa D, the extension can be granted only once, if the below conditions are met at the same time:

  • the issuance is justified by a personal or professional reason of the applicant;
  • the person can’t return to his or her home country due to humanitarian reasons;
  • the extension is requested based on unpredictable events that were not taken into consideration at the moment in which the person applied for a visa;
  • the person will apply for an extension only for the declared purposes and no other reasons can be identified;
  • there aren’t any legal grounds for which the extension can’t be granted under the Polish law.

You can apply for a permanent residency visa after three 3 of holding a temporary one. You are eligible to seek for Polish citizenship after three more years of continuous permanent residence in this country. Do not hesitate to contact our local specialists for support in applying for any of the two statuses. You can also rely on us if you have other immigration issues.

We also invite you to read more about this subject in infographic below:

You can rely on us if you want to apply for a residence permit in Poland. We can support you if you want to relocate to Poland from other countries too.

How can one apply for a long-term stay visa in Poland?

An individual moving to Poland and seeking residency will first be granted a temporary residence permit. When you apply for any D visa for long-term stay in Poland, you will be given a temporary residence permit (for work, studies, or family reunification, depending on your reasons). No matter the situation, you can rely on our immigration lawyers.

The long-stay visa application must be made with the Consular Office operating in the USA. In order for the application to be processed, the applicant must submit all the required papers, and this is why is it very important to verify the required conditions. If the paperwork satisfies the requirements imposed when moving to Poland, then the person will complete an online form. Additional information can be obtained from the Office for Foreigners.

However, it is also required to print a hard copy and bring it in person to the Consular Office, this being an important step for the process of Poland immigration. The application can be processed in a period of 15 days and a person can legally apply for a visa within three months prior to his or her visit to Poland. Our immigration lawyers in Poland can offer more details on other steps involved in the process. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of attorneys if you wish to immigrate to Poland from US.

We can also explain how you can obtain citizenship as a US citizen who relocates to Poland.

How many foreigners live in Poland?

Poland has one of the highest inward migration rates registered at a European level. Moving to Poland has become increasingly attractive for numerous nationalities, European and otherwise. In 2019, Poland reached a new record level of foreigners living in this country (in an analysis that took into consideration the persons who have a permanent residence permit). The following data is available:

  • the Office for Foreigners declared the country has approximately 400,000 foreigners relocate here on a permanent basis;
  • a large proportion of the foreigners living here arrive in this country for work related purposes, most of whom are persons with an age below 40 years;
  • almost 50% of all the foreigners living here on a permanent basis are from Ukraine;
  • there are approximately 200,000 foreigners from Ukraine, out of which 72,000 arrived in the last 2 years;
  • currently, approximately 60% of the persons who have received a permanent residence permit in Poland are men.

We invite you to address to our team of immigration lawyers in Poland for more information on the visa application process as an American citizen relocating here. We can also assist with professional advice on the procedures applicable when requesting a short-term or a long-term residence permit in Poland.